Music Mountain was founded in 1930 by Jacques Gordon, founder and first violinist of the Gordon String Quartet, with the primary mission of education through the performance of chamber music, specifically, the string quartet literature. This mission is realized by bringing together professionals, amateurs, adults, and children, by developing new audiences, and by providing easy access to live music for the surrounding community.

Now in its eighth decade, Music Mountain continues to serve this mission by hosting leading artists from all over the world who head prestigious teaching programs and enrich audiences through dazzling performances.

The mission is further enhanced through the broadcasts of the Music Mountain Chamber Music concerts, made possible by the generous support of Edward R. Hamilton, Bookseller, of Falls Village, CT. Starting with one station in 1937, these concerts are now heard on over 125 stations nationwide and, through the facilities of the European Broadcast Union, by listeners in over 35 other countries.



Music Mountain is in the mountain town of Falls Village, CT. In addition to its scenic beauty, it offers feelings of calm, peace, and tranquility. The property itself has very little cell service and limited wifi access, so it's the perfect place to unplug and refocus. Meals taken together in the big house create a sense of family, and after-dinner chamber readings make stronger our professional and personal ties.


Gordon Hall

Music Mountain and its marvelous setting are justly famed for both the musicians and the audience. The centerpiece is Gordon Hall – one of the finest chamber music facilities in the country. With seating for 335 and legendary acoustics, Gordon Hall provides a lovely, resonant sound and audiences can enjoy views of the grounds from every seat or from the lawn, permitting listeners to savor music and nature as one.

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Trails and Surrounding Areas

Beyond the Music Mountain property, there are many walking trails and nearby towns to explore. Towns of Salisbury, Canaan, Cornwall, and Sharon each provide a unique charm and experience, should you wish to venture beyond the festival grounds.