We’re still working out the details for Lumino 2019, but for an idea of what to expect, enjoy last year’s schedule:


Day 1

Monday, June 4

Arrival! On Monday, please arrive to the Music Mountain Campus by 3:30pm. This gives us all time to get in and get settled before dinner at 6:00pm. 

If you need a ride from the Wassic train station, we can arrange that!

Day 2

Tuesday, June 5

Like most of our days, Tuesday will be a day of relaxed practice. Please feel free to start practicing whenever you like, but be respectful of your roommates.

If you're not exactly the practice-all-day type, no judgement! Take a walk, a hike, read or write, or just chill. This is as much for your restoration of soul as it is for the musical experience.

Day 3

Wednesday, June 6

On Wednesday, we will hold a roundtable discussion on how to engage a new audience member, what we have to offer our local and global communities, and what responsibilities we hold as artists to help shape them. This is the perfect opportunity to practice honing our conversational skills in a way that lets our personalities shine, and attracts people to the thrill of our performances.

Day 4

Thursday, June 7

On Thursday, we'll have a free day! Hooray!

Day 5

Friday, June 8

On Friday, to put our community engagement skills into practice, we then invite you to go down into surrounding towns and play. Your goal is to engage local people in conversations and get at least one towns-person to commit to coming up to Music Mountain for our Saturday afternoon concert.

Day 6

Saturday, June 9

Saturday is our last full day at the festival. In the late afternoon, we'll have an intimate concert to showcase the music that we've been working on throughout the week. Although performance participation is not required, it's a chance to dress up and perform for a loving audience.

In the evening, we’ll host an informal outdoor concert in the town square of Kent, CT.

Day 7

Sunday, June 10

Check out! Sunday morning we'll have to leave the property at 9:00am so be sure to pack the night before. We will have one last family breakfast and say our tearful goodbyes. :'(