It belongs to us... 

Lumino: Our little light. A spark of inspiration. The warm glow of camaraderie and the fire of creativity. Lumino Festival of the Arts is where young artistic professionals come together to escape industry demands, reinvigorate the connection to their craft, and meet people who are there to do the same. Our belief is that the most outstanding and inspiring ideas come from having the mental and physical space to chase daydreams and from having creative collaborators nearby to test, mold, shape, reshape, and realize them. Lumino was born of these very ideals and is starting small, but our daydreams are big and waiting to be brought to life. Join us and let’s work together to create exactly the kind of festival we want as we hone our crafts and find our voices.



$550 includes your program fee, room and board for the week, and linen service. 

Our goal is that no participant pays more than $350 and although it is not a guarantee, we are working diligently on grant proposals and fundraising opportunities to make this a possibility. 

If you would like to donate toward a scholarship fund, please click donate below.