It belongs to us. 

Lumino Festival is a restorative retreat for young professional musicians. Our goals are to provide a haven from the fast pace of day-to-day life, create transformative musical experiences, and foster meaningful connections between people. Surrounded by nature and without internet connections, Lumino gives musicians the space to reconnect to their art by disconnecting from their email. Participants are immersed in a supportive and productive environment where they focus on creating new projects, making new connections, and building new bridges to help reach a wider community. 



$599 includes your program fee, room and board for the week, and linen service. 

Our goal is that no participant pays more than $500 and although it is not a guarantee, we are working diligently on grant proposals and fundraising opportunities to make this a possibility. 

If you would like to donate toward a scholarship fund, please click donate below.